Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY Mary McDonald Lamp Knock Off

Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. It was the first week of summer break and I am adjusting to having all three kids home, all day long. I am already worn out! We have spent lots of time at the pool and with friends and we are looking forward to enjoying the warm weather that comes with summer as a family!

I did manage to find some time to do a little DIY project and I wanted to share it with you! I have decided to add a little hue of coral into my new family room decor. When I purchased our new sofa table, I knew that I wanted these Mary McDonald Annika table lamps to accent it, but the price tag of almost $500 each was going to prohibit me from making my dream a reality. Especially since I would need two of them. I searched high and low for a suitable substitute and came up empty. This week I was at my local Target, when I spotted this lamp base...

Not an exact match, but the shape was close enough and with a $34.99 price tag, I quickly snatched up two of them. I knew that with a little spray paint, Rubb n Buff and some elbow grease I could transform it.

I am not great at tutorials, but I basically followed the steps outlined by Janell, in her blog post.

Two coats of spray paint primer

Two coats of Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in Pimento

I then, added the gold accents, by taping off the desired sections and applying Rubb N Buff in Antique Gold.

Lastly, I sprayed the lamp with a coat of Protective Enamel in a glossy finish, and here is the finished product...

It may not be the original, but my lamp came in at $55.00. $34.99 each for the lamp bases, $15.00 each for the shades and $5.00 worth of spray paint! Multiply that two, and I'll get two lamps for $110.00 as opposed to $960 dollars!



Now I just need to go paint the other one! I guess you know what I will be doing this weekend!
I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!


  1. What a great DIY! I love the final look :)

  2. Holy Moly! That is awesome!!!!!!! love it!

  3. Your knock off lamp is beautiful. Great job! This makes me want to head down to my local Goodwill and pick up a cheap lamp to re-do. :)


  4. Nice post, thank you. Have a great day.

  5. Looks amazing! Way more fun to diy then save up $ to buy a lamp. I think yours looks perfect!

  6. I'm so jealous of your diy skills!! Such a fabulous lamp you created, nice work!!

  7. Your lamp looks great. Love the color an the lamp shade

  8. I think I like yours even better than the one you copied. I just got new lamps on clearance ($25!) for my living room and plan to do this to my old ones to use in the bedroom.

  9. I saw this through Knock off decor. The lamp looks great! Good job. I must confess though, that what made click was seeing your name, Sita, which is also my nickname :)(I've Never seen it in a sentence, haha, other than in reference to me or to the Ramayana(not sure if that's right)) Anyway, I'm glad I did, your home is designed beautifully!

    -Malvis {Sita}

  10. Okay, LOVE the painted lamps. Smart idea! I just got done spray painting my outdoor fan. For little money, doesn't it make a huge different! I LOVE the red! Your website is fabulous!