Monday, July 16, 2012

Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge turned Book Shelf

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. We are still enjoying our summer in full swing! I apologize for only doing one post last week, but my best friend and her kids have been in town from Virginia and we have been spending every minute we can with them before they head back.

I did manage to find the time to complete one project on my list (with the help of my hubby). One thing there is no shortage of in our new home is large, blank, gray walls, like this one in my little man's room...

While I knew that I wanted to fill this wall with something fun and colorful, I also knew that I wanted it to be functional. My son has the smallest bedroom in the house and every square inch needs to count. I've had this image saved in my inspiration file for quite sometime and I knew that a book wall was exactly what my little guy's room needed.

So I headed down to my local Ikea to and picked up 6 of these 45" Ribba Picture Ledges.

I then put my husband to work installing them in our Son's room. Here is what that blank gray wall looks like now...

 I also decided to add some photographs and digital art prints along with the books to the shelves.

A little sneak peak of the stripes on the adjacent wall...

For $90.00 I was able to fill up and entire wall, while also creating a fun place for my son to store his books. I will rotate the books on the bottom shelf, since he can't reach the middle or top shelves yet. 

BTW, can you tell what colors we are using in his room? I'll be posting more pictures of his room soon!

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  1. This is such a great idea Sita! Im going to pin this for future reference! and I also LOVE the stripes! cant wait to see more of this room!

  2. Looks awesome! You really captured the vibe of the inspiration photo perfectly! I've always loved the illustrations of kids books, and now you have them displayed as art!

  3. Love the ledges! I was going to use these in my living room to display photos and you just re-inspired me to get going on it!

  4. We love our book wall...its the greatest way to fill a wall without taking up floor space. I have to say with my curious little daughter the books are on the floor half the time :)

  5. Please come help me do this in my new home! I want one just like it in the basement! Love your taste.

  6. Terrific...I love when books stay accessible...

  7. Looks darling! Do you mind sharing how high up you placed your shelves from the ground? Also, how much room between shelves?

  8. Looks darling! Do you mind sharing how high off the ground you placed the shelves? Also, the spacing between shelves? Thanks!!

  9. Did you do an update to this post as I would love to see more of this room!