Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Master Bedroom Updates and a Frugal Find

Hello Everyone! I'm back from the Las Vegas Market. It was a super fun and productive trip. I am excited to share some of the fabulous things I spotted while I was there with you...later this week! For now, I'm sharing some recent updates I have made to my master bedroom.

I finally added some drapes to my space. I chose Duralee's Loop de Loop fabric in Smoke. I opted for traditional pinch pleat panels. My local fabricator did a wonderful job making them. I think the fabric goes perfectly with the taupe-y gray palette in the room. 

 I added some artwork to the fireplace wall, including a small grouping of architectural prints of buildings in Germany (where my husband spent 2 years serving a mission for our church), and an over sized canvas floral painting.

Finally, I added this beautiful gray herringbone blanket to my bed. 

I have long wanted to add a blanket like this to my bedding and had recently considered buying this one from Serena and Lily. 
The almost $400.00 price tag had me second guessing myself...over and over again. So you can imagine the little "happy dance" I did when I spotted this blanket from the Threshold line, while on one of my regular trips to Target.
With a $49.99 price tag for the King size, I snatched it right up! It also comes in these other fabulous colors and patterns....
I've been back to my local Target a few times since I picked mine up and they don't seem to have the blankets in stock anymore. I know that they are still available online, but they are sure to sell fast. Seriously, get yourself one...you'll be glad you did!


  1. You over there have the best Target homewares!! I am so jealous!! Australias Target is so generic in this department.:(

  2. I live in Utah too and was wondering which Target you went to that were out of those great blankets? I don't want to go to the same one, but I will sure check others. I just love it when you share a post! Keep them coming! Thanks!

  3. I love your new drapes! They are perfect with the palette in your room! It is all coming together so beautifully! We lived in Germany for almost three years! I loved it there!

    So glad your trip went well and can't wait to see all your goodies!

  4. I just saw this blanket and new line at Target yesterday - it's totally gorgeous! Love it with your bedding and your entire bedroom is stunning and so elegant!!

  5. Beautiful Sita! I love how it is all coming together!

  6. I saw that blanket too....I didn't snatch it up, but I just knew how happy it would make some when they found it! =)Everything you've touched lately looks amazing!

  7. Beautiful. Thank you for providing moments of beauty. I love your site.
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  8. Where are your nightstands from? They are gorgeous!